Data Deduplication Is It Valuable?


by Mike Chapman | 09.25.2012
Categories: Blog

Data deduplication and the elimination of redundant copies of data provides the following benefits to organizations:

1) More efficient use of storage capacity and, as a result, a potential reduction in the amount of storage customers need to purchase and manage.

2) Local recoverability of data, better management of media, and consolidation at remote sites, with an added benefit of faster data backups plus replication to core enterprise datacenter (edge-to core consolidation).

3) Ability to store more data on disk-based storage systems (versus tape or optical storage), thus enabling faster data retrieval/restore and longer retention on disk.

4) Efficient and reliable disaster recovery/business continuity; easier to get data offsite using the wide area network than using tapes on trucks; enables faster time to DR readiness and faster recovery in the event of a disaster.

5) Green IT; reduces requirements for power, cooling, and storage footprint

6) Support for multiple workloads, not only backup data but also archive data, and ultimately primary data.

7) Tight integration of all components and easy installation and management.