Delighting Your Employees


by Peter Petersen | 10.18.2012
Categories: Blog

Wouldn’t it be great if you could allow your employees to work from anywhere? Ten years ago this concept involved a highly sophisticated IT infrastructure that allowed VPN access through a number of open ports on the corporate firewalls and user facing firewalls. Well, a lot has changed in ten years. VPN technology has gotten a lot simpler. Nowadays, it is possible to quickly deploy a solution that will allow users to work from any location, with access to any app, on any device.

Introducing – Workshifting!

Workshifting is method that allows employees to work on their own time, in their own locations, and not bound by any specific device. As organizations seek to recruit skilled employees, this perk is one that cannot be quantified using monetary value, but one that will attract the highest level of talent to your organization.
Studies show that your business can slash operations costs by up to half by implementing this type of access strategy. By not binding your employees to a brick and mortar location, you can allow them to have the freedom they want to do their job more efficiently, and have a better experience doing it.

In order to be successful in this approach you need to have 2 underlying requirements in place:

  1. Users must feel like they are in the office. They must not be given a watered down set of productively tools to get their jobs done. They need real time access to corporate desktops, files, applications and collaboration tools.
  2. IT must be successful in securing the information and to maintain protection of the information and assets.

Citrix offers a set of tools to accomplish the Workshifting lifestyle for your organization. With products like XenApp and XenDesktop, IT can deploy applications and desktops to their users.

With Products like NetScaler, Cloud Gateway Express and Receiver for web, Windows, OSX, iPhone, and iPad, IT can quickly launch a method to connect external and internal users with a single web address. That means that any user on any device both on the internal network and on the internet can access all applications on all of their devices.