Microsoft Lync 2010 and Interactive Intelligence 4.0 Integration


by James Young | 09.12.2012
Categories: Blog

Since Microsoft has positioned and focused Lync 2010 as an enterprise solution it has no scalable contact center solution. Lync 2010 provides a fantastic client that allows users to quickly see presence, create instant messages and video chats. While Interactive Intelligence (I3) allows you to see presences and create Instant messages many users find the Lync client to be more intuitive and easier to use for those functions. Interactive Intelligence does not provide video capabilities. Interactive Intelligence can provide the call center solutions and integrate with the Lync 2010 client giving users the best of both worlds.

With the integration package Lync and I3 users can share presence information and IM back and forth using their respective clients. The real fun begins when you combine the clients. No user wants to run two clients on their system. With the integration package from I3 you can combine the clients as seen below.


Presence information flows between the clients and users have access to the features of both clients. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.