Pool Pairing with Lync 2013


by James Young | 03.15.2013
Categories: Blog

With the release of Microsoft Lync 2013 we have some new topology options, including pool paring.  Pool pairing allows one pool to be the disaster recovery point for another pool.  If the pool in one site fails, you can fail over the users from that pool to the pool in the other site, which then provides services to all the users in both pools. A fully redundant solution.

When you enable pool pairing the secondary pool holds a copy of the CMS database, information on conferences etc. and in the event of a disaster the users will automatically fail over.  It is no longer required for users to log out and back in to move to fail to another pool.  Please note that it can take up to 5 minutes before presence is working properly.

In addition to providing DR, two paired pools can also be set as backup registrars for each other.  In Lync 2013 this is a 1:1 relationship only.

Lync 2013 does not provide DR support to users homed on a survivable branch appliance.  If a front end server pool that serves as a backup to SBA users will go into resiliency mode.  Another reason to forgo the SBA and put in a Lync 2013 server for sites over 25 or 30 users.