Exploring XenDesktop with Citrix Provisioning Services


by Peter Petersen | 05.16.2013
Categories: Blog

Imagine if you could cut down the administrative overhead of your Desktop environment by up to 90%.

Currently, with the speed at which desktops and applications proliferate, enterprise organizations are having a hard time keeping up with management of these entities in their environments. The users must hit the trifecta of variables to have a good experience. They need to be who they are, they need to be on the right computer, and they need the correct applications installed. In the past, the solution was seemingly to up the amount of IT resources at your disposal in an effort to stay on track with the rapidly changing infrastructure. I am not saying that this is the wrong approach; in fact, it has worked for a very long time. So why change it?

I think the very nature of technology is one of recursive advancement in the field of practice. So, why are we trying to ‘fix’ a business need by adding more resources and not trying to tackle the actual issue at hand? Maybe it starts by identifying the issue at hand. In my mind, the current issue with IT infrastructure is that we “stopped trying to proactively advance the level of service we are providing to our employees and shifted our focus to trying to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology.”

What resulted from that shift of focus is that we lost sight of what we are really trying to accomplish, providing advancement in the level of service in which we are providing to our employees to accommodate for the business need. No self-valuing IT staff member wants to be written off as a ‘tech guy’ that is trying to do his best to keep up with all of this technology.

So what do we do to try to fix this broken system? 

We look at new technologies that can enable us to stop the madness of trying to control an autonomous desktop environment and that allow us to shift focus back to the true need of the organization.

Okay, we have identified the problem and have a theory about how we can fix our broken IT model. We want to move forward with new technology that transitions us to the new model of doing business in IT. In the transition we need to develop a new ideology of business-need-driven technology. We need to change our mind set of what we perceive as a desktop. Currently, a desktop is a monolithic brick that sits under your desk. Its job in life is to host an operating system and that in turn, supports the applications that you need to do your job. What we set out to achieve by using products like XenDesktop is to change the structure of computing and change how you think about it. What we want to do is deliver a fast, secure desktop as a service from the datacenter that has the tools and applications installed that allow you to do your job well enough to drive the business forward, nothing more, and nothing less.

Citrix Provisioning Services is the catalyst that this change needs by enabling the streaming of a master image with Windows 7 to any number of virtual or physical computers in your organization. This image can be configured with the applications that the employees need to do their job. Every night, the computers reboot and in the morning the users are presented with a persistent desktop that is the same today as it was yesterday. All write data is dissuaded and the desktops grab a fresh image ever night they reboot. Using tools like Citrix profile management and XenDesktop Personal Vdisks, we can achieve the perception that the users information is staying on the desktop like it does today, but behind the scenes we are redirecting that content to a centralize network location that IT can manage very effectively.

By successfully implementing XenDesktop with Provisioning Services, we can effetely eliminate the variables in your environment that caused the chaos in the first place. This method of desktop management has been proven to drive employee productivity up because the users do not experience the daily issues that keep them from doing their job. They can access their highly available desktop securely from anywhere in the world and have the peace of mind that they know it will work right. It is also proven to lower the cost of doing business in IT by eliminating the resources needed to keep with your ever-changing environment.

Let your users hit the trifecta upon every log in!